Hypa Cee (African monk)

Hypa Cee is a music artist signed to Hyper Gang Records, he enjoys doing music recordings in over 5 genre. Music is a passionate fantasy for him.

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about me

Here comes a little tale about myself 😊

Hypa Cee
Hi guys!

I am Hypa Cee a music artist, philanthropist and entrepreneur! Yeah an entrepreneur, I have long been into business before music, Sure of cos music have been my childhood love, listen to the strings of guitar, old school music and lots more made me discover my voice, passion and fun life. I am originally from a small tribe Ebira in Nigerian, Kogi State, proudly native. I write music with humour, love and sounds of meditation, I believe music is deeper than what you hear, its a feeling that's beyond your headphones. I want to change the world with my fun-time and passion Music.

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Ajoge J O C


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TI gain writing inspiration from sounds of nature, emotions and beats.

my goals

To use music as a tool of unity and an anchor for justice

Favourite Quote

"Perseverance make dreams come through, stay persistent" 

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